The green way to the future…

We recognize our long-term responsibilities to the environment, our people, and our community. Our future success is measured by more than just economic performance but also the footprint we leave behind.

Education & Practice


Integration of sustainable packaging


Integration of sustainable material of frame

The application of liquid aluminum reduces CO2 emissions by 76.9Kg/unit, with a decrease of 59%.

Material CO2 Emissions (Kg) Frame Weight (Pcs) CO2 Emissions (Kg)
Thermal power aluminum 15.2 8.6 130.7
Liquid aluminum 6.26 8.6 53.8

Integration of sustainable material of motor HUB

The CO2 emissions from the application of recycled aluminum remelting aluminum ingots have decreased by 31.7 Kg, representing a 58% decrease in proportion.

Material CO2 Emissions (Kg) Motor weight (Pcs) CO2 Emissions (Kg)
New aluminum ingots 15.2 3.6 54.7
Recycling aluminum ingots 6.41 3.6 23

Starting from 2019, carbon emission data was collected, and by 2023, the integration of electricity meter data with RA was approved, resulting in a gradual decrease in carbon emission data.

Green energy

In 2021-2023

VISION build a total 1260KW photovoltaic power station. In 2024, the solar power takes 33% of the total electricity consumption.

In 2024

100% Green energy coverd.

Green certificate

I-REC 2021
I-REC 2022
I-REC 2023
Green Power Cooperation Agreement
Green Electricity Consumption Certificate
Green Electricity Certificate Transaction Vouchers

Energy monitoring boards

Clean discharge

  • Volatile organic compounds are 100% compliant with national standards.
  • Air system full cover for painting.

VISION SD Milestone


Obtained ISO9001 certification in 2017


Approved water-saving enterprise in 2020


Obtained IS014001 and IS045001 certifications in 2021


Approved green and low-carbon factory in 2022


Import zero carbon factory project in 2023


Plan to pass ISO5001 certification and complete carbon verification in 2024


Biggest CO2/kwh Decrease

BIC Taipei Show 2024