There are thousands of enterprises producing electric bicycles, but we always believes that quality is power.

VISION has a intelligent system
to support manufacturing

OPEX Corporation is a global leader in next-generation automation,providing innovative and unique solutions for warehouse, document, and email automation.

An integrated data center and management cockpit provide improvement direction and strategy basis for excellent operation.


Frame Production

Laser cutting /Automatic polishing / CNC tube processing / Auto welding / Heat Treatment

Painting Production

Liquid Painting / Powder coating / Labeling / Motor hub painting 

Machining Production

CNC machining centers / CNC lathes / Robot / Auto motor hub&cover machining

Motor production

Automatic winding / Welding / Assembly

E-kits Production

Dust-free workshop
Assembly display&controller&speed sensor


Automatic wheel assembly (Holland Mechanics)
E-bikes&E-scooters Assembly / Packaging