APP Service

Riding is even more fun with apps.

Why do I need an app?

Riding is even more fun with apps –make the most of digital functions and adapt your eBike however you wish. With the right app downloaded your smartphone turns into an information and control centre. Plan your routes and transfer them to your display or navigate via the app. View your fitness data and synchronise it with your favourite apps.

The benefits of using apps

Plan routes and use navigation

Use your smart phone as a screen on the handlebars. Navigation instructions during your journey help you to find your way.

Record your progress

Want to keep track of your performance and your trips? Use the in-app activity tracking to record your tour and fitness data.

Performance customization and OTA upgrades

You can adjust the vehicle’s acceleration, torque output ratio, pedal ratio and other parameters based on your own riding experience to enjoy the ride to the fullest. Your vehicle also supports OTA upgrades.

Intelligent Energy Management

What do you do if you find yourself returning with a low battery? Use our app to manage your battery power. It will use the remaining battery capacity, average power consumption and road information to re-plan battery usage and prevent the embarrassing situation of running out of power after a pleasant ride.

Protect your eBike from theft

Digital features provide an added layer of theft protection. For example, motor support is only activated when your eBike recognises the digital key on your app.

Discover even more functions

Read the firmware version of your electronics components and receive updates for the latest version. Subscribe to and receive push notifications for product and service information.